Basic information on travel to Nice, France

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Located on the beautiful Mediterranean coast of C)te d’Azur in southern France, Nice is the fifth largest city in France and is one of the popular destinations for travelers of all ages. Famous for its beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches, Nice is a port city visited by many travelers from all over the world.

France Travel Basics

Capital: Paris
Area: 640,679 km2 (6.38 times that of South Korea)
Neighboring countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain
Common Language: French
Population: Approximately 67.39 million
Currency: Euro (,, EUR) 1€ 1, 1,377.79 KRW
Time zone: UTC+1 (8 hours slower than Korea)
Summer Time: (last Sunday of March to last Sunday of October): UTC +2
Visa: You can travel without a visa in Korea for 90 days within 180 days as a member of the Schengen Convention
International phone country code: +33
Emergency number police: 112 First aid: 112 Fire fighting: 112
Contact information for the Korean Embassy in France: 33-1-4753-0101, +33-6-8028-5396

French power, socket type (Korea voltage 220V, frequency 60 Hz, socket: F)

Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Outlet : C/E
It may not be compatible with the electronics outlet used in Korea, so it is recommended to prepare a multi-adapter for travel


NiceTravel BasicInformation

Nice Population: 340,000
Near Airport: Nice Ĉted’Azur Airport (NCE)
Incheon – Nice round trip ticket price: KRW 813,079

French Holiday (2022)

January 1st: New Year
April 18: Easter Monday
May 1: Labor Day
May 8: World War II Victory Day
May 26: Lord’s Ascension Day
June 6th: Monday of the Holy Spirit
July 14: Bastille Day
August 15: Ascension Day of Our Lady
November 1: All Saints’ Day
11 November: Armistice Day
December 25: Christmas

Niceweather, a good time to travel

Nice has a Mediterranean 오피사수 소개 climate with warm winters and moderate amounts of rain. Summer is hot and dry, with a maximum temperature of 27 degrees. Autumn is sunny, but when winter approaches, there are many cloudy days and it rains often. Winter is not very cold, there is little frost and snow, but the temperature does not drop below 5 degrees.

June-August, the summer season, is the season with the most visitors and the time when prices become the most expensive. If you visit in spring and autumn to avoid many visitors, it is easy to travel because there are many visitors, and you can still enjoy the good weather.

NiceTravel TransportationFee

NiceCourtDajurAirport (NCE)

Nice Court Dazur Airport is one of France’s most popular airports, with routes to Paris and other major European cities. Most airlines use Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is mainly used by Air France. There is a free shuttle bus between the two terminals.


Tram Line 2 runs to the airport (Terminal 1, Terminal 2) and Jean Médecin station in downtown Nice with a 12-minute interval. The ticket is 1.5 euros and you can transfer to the bus. You must personally check your ticket before boarding.

a city bus

Bus No. 12 runs to Old Town and takes 30 minutes. The ticket is 1.5 euros.


The taxi fare from the airport to the city center is 38 to 59 euros and private pick-up is also available.

Arrived by train

Nice is well connected by rail to other parts of France. The Tzebe train from Paris and Marseille arrives at Nice-Ville station. Train schedules and fares are available online.

Nice-Paris (5 hours and 40 minutes): 45 euros ~
Nice – Marseille (2 hours 35 minutes): 37 euros
Nice – Monaco (14 min): 4 euros

Moving downtown Nice

The main public transportation in Nice has more than 100 routes by bus and is well equipped with buses connecting nearby cities. The tram is a U-shaped route that connects from Las Planas in the northeast to Pont St Michel in the northwest, and also connects to the station and the bus terminal. Trams start running at 4 a.m. and run every 4 minutes. Taxis are also available, but they are very expensive and difficult to catch except for stations and big hotels. If you are staying at a hotel in downtown Nice, you can use the Coeur de Ville Navette shuttle bus for free to visit the city center attractions.

From taxi airport downtown: 38 to 59 €
Tram/City Bus Airport to City: 1.5 €
Taxi 3 km downtown: 12 to 15 €
a public transportation ticket / 10 tickets / 7 days ticket : 1.5/10/15 €
Unlimited public transport per day (Mobilis): 7.5 €
Bicycle rental 1 day / week / month: 1/5/10 €

Nice travel accommodation, recommended accommodation

In Nice, visitors begin to increase in May and June-August is the peak season. If you are planning to visit during this period, it is recommended that you book your accommodation early. The dagger is from November to March, and you can book a good accommodation at a discounted price during this period. In summer, reservations for hostels are also made early, so you have to make a reservation in advance.

Hostel reservation price: 18–35 €
Two-star hotel reservation price: 42-106 €
3-star hotel reservation price: 56 to 125 €
4-star hotel reservation price: 90 to 179 €
5 star hotel reservation price: 213 to 377 €

Nice Couple Travel Recommended Luxury Hotel

Hotel Negresco Hotel Le Negresco
Le Meridien Nice
Boscolo Exedranis Autograph Collection Boscolo Nice Httel & Spa
AC Hotel Nice by Marriott AC Hotel by Marriott Nice
Hotel Swiss Nice Hotel Suisse


Hotel Florence Nice Hotel Florence Nice
Best Western Hotel Roosevelt
Le Riviera Collection BW Signature Collection by Best Western Le Riviera Collection, BW Signature Collection
Hotel Esprit d’Azur, Httel Esprit d’Azur
Hotel La Villa Nice Victor Hugo

Nice Recommended Cost-effective Hotel

Hotel Trocadero as Hotel Trocadero
Hotel Bendome Hotel Bendome
Ibis Budget Nice Californie Lenval
Ralcove Hotel L’s L’Alcove Hotel
Hotel du Midi behind the hotel

오피사수 소개


Antares Hostel
Villain Saint-Exupery Beach
Hostel is by Happy Culture
an open house hostel
Backpackers Hostel Shepatrick

Nice Travel Tourist Attractions, Museum Entrance,

The most spectacular view in Nice is to walk separately along the Promenade des Anglais promenade and enjoy the wonderful beaches. You can enjoy a variety of entertainment on the beach. Colline du Chateau offers a panoramic view of the entire city, not by stairs or elevators. If you buy Nice Museum Pass, you can visit many attractions at a reasonable price.

Nice Museum Pass 3 days: 15€
Musée Maséna: Free to use the museum pass
Musée Matisse: Free to use the museum pass
Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporary: Free to use Museum Pass
Musée National Marc Chagall Adult/Children: 10/8 €
Nice Bilfengshman 1 hour cruise: 20.62€
Nice hop on hop off tour bus: 23 €
Court Dazzur Tour: 40 €
Nice Electric Bicycle Panorama Tour: 38 €
Nice Monaco round-trip ferry ticket: 42.5 €
Lamborghini Test Drive: 169 €


Traditional Nice cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine using seafood, olive oil, and fresh vegetables. Foods such as Soka Soca (crepe made of chick beans and olive oil) and ratatouille (vegetable stew with tomatoes, eggplants, and pumpkins) are popular, and you can eat more cheaply at a cafe.

Breakfast: 4 to 7 €
Cereal, bread, croissants, and milk in many hostels. We offer a simple free breakfast with coffee and juice.

Coffee and bread: 11.75 to 3
Breakfast and lunch sandwiches sold by Kiosque TinTin: 22.8 to 25

Cheap lunch: 6 to 11 €
To make lunch cheaper, you should buy bread, cheese, fruits, etc. at the grocery store.

Soca sold at stalls: 2.52.5 to 5
Kebab + french fries + soda set: 7 7.5 to 8.5
Greek, Turkish food take-out: 33-6
Margherita Pizza: 88
McDonald’s combo mill: 10-15 €

Cheap dinner: 10 to 16 €
Restaurant Nikoise Salad (Original Nice Salad with Anchovy, Charlotte, Tuna, etc.): 8-12€
Farcis (cooking stuffed with meat, garlic, bread etc.): 7 to 11 고기
Sandwich, Hamburger, Kebab Takeout: 3 to 6 €
Affordable restaurant: 12-20 €
Restaurant soda: 2 to 5 €
Restaurant water: 2 to 4 €
Intermediate restaurant 3-course meal for 2 people: 60-120 €

the price of liquor, beverages, and favorite items
500ml beer (pub, restaurant): 5-12 €
500ml beer (super): 1 to 3 €
Water (Super 1.5 litres): 0.5 to 1 €
Cappuccino: 1.8 to 6 €
A pack of Marlboro cigarettes: 10 to 11.2 €

Cash vs. card? How should I prepare for the travel expenses?

Methods to prepare travel expenses include local currency, check cards to withdraw local currency, credit cards, and traveler’s checks. Traveler’s checks, once a necessity for overseas travel, have now been discontinued due to the number of users continuously decreasing.

Cash and Card Ratio

The euro is a major currency, and you can exchange it with exchange rate preferential treatment through Internet exchange in the smartphone app of the Korea Exchange Bank. The ratio of cash and cards is recommended to be around 30:70, but there are many check cards that can be used conveniently without any fee, so many travelers only carry emergency money. It is recommended that you prepare a cash card that can withdraw local currency locally + a credit card that can be used to pay large amounts of money at hotels, travel agencies, and a backup credit cards or cash cards.

It is not recommended to use a check card when purchasing an item. Unlike credit cards, money is withdrawn from the bank account immediately when used, so it is difficult to make up for the loss even if fraudulent use occurs.

Precautions when using ATM

Most ATMs in Europe can use English. When withdrawing cash with a cash card, it is better to use an ATM outside the bank during bank business hours, but if the card is returned from the ATM, it is easy to ask for help from the employee. If you try to withdraw cash and you can’t withdraw cash, you may have exceeded the withdrawal limit, so it’s better to lower the amount and try again. If you continue to have problems, it may be a network problem, so it is recommended that you use another ATM or try again in a few hours.

It is not recommended to use ATMs operated by Travelex, Euronet, Moneybox, Your Cash, Cardpoint, and Cashzoned, not banks. These ATMs are expensive, unsafe, and charge higher fees by inducing “Dynamic Current Conversion.” The Dynamic Current Conversion is subject to multiple currencies in euros => dollars => won, making the fee more expensive. If you see “Conversion” when using ATM, you must select “Without Conversion”.

If you can see loose or broken parts of the ATM when you withdraw cash from the ATM, you should not use it because a card replica may have been installed. And it is recommended to cover the keypad with the other hand when entering the password. If your card is lost or stolen, you should call the card company’s call center and report it as lost or stolen, and if you use it illegally, you need to issue a “Police Report” from the local police to reduce the damage.

Currency exchange

It’s better not to exchange money as much as possible because the exchange rate in Europe is not good. Most banks do not exchange money, and you can exchange money at train stations or airports.