Walking into “Romania and Albania”

In KBS1TV’s , the episode “Finding the Beauty of Eastern Europe – Romania and Albania” will be broadcast.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania. During the communist regime, buildings in Bucharest were demolished and most of the buildings were constructed as propaganda tools. Among them, a parliamentary palace modeled after the tin palace in North Korea. This building, which shows the ambition of dictatorship well, is the second largest among administrative buildings in the world after the Pentagon in the United States. I meet the symbol of Bucharest left by dictator Chausescu.

Branseong Fortress, which has the legend of Count Dracula, is where “Dracula” model Vlad Visigong actually stayed. Look around Bran Castle, a tourist attraction in Romania.

The Turda Salt Mine, a deep amusement park in northwestern Romania, is an amusement park with salt walls and ceilings. The 120-meter-long salt mine from the entrance to the basement was also used as an air defense shelter during World War II. Look around the salt mine full of various things to enjoy and see.

Tirana, the capital of Albania. Albania, which suffered from foreign powers until the early 20th century, has recently been revitalized by the wind of change. The trip begins at Skanderbeu Square, Tirana’s first tourist destination.

Verat, the oldest city in Albania. Famous for its 1,000-windowed city, it seems to travel to the Ottoman Empire because of its well-preserved architectural style. I meet a beautiful city registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Deep in the ancient Albanian city of Butrint, there is Sam Blue Eye, which resembles Albanian eyes. You can feel the mysterious nature here, which boasts beautiful scenery.

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