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The king of the mountainous islands, Kodaikanal is one of the smallest states in India. Kodaikanal literally means the white rock and flower. This place is also known as Elephant Rock, with a flowery background. The ancient name Kodaikanal was derived from the Tamil epic poet Lord Venkateswara’s description of the Devi’s visit to that place.

Just like all other Indian states, Kodaikanal is wateress, having low salt modified atmosphere. The climate can be roughly divided into two seasons – the cool and dry season or the wet and soggy season.

Kodaikanal hotels and resorts cater the leisure needs of tourists, yet the journey to the inside information of the place is a unique experience. Tourists can avail the services of Indian tour operators forseeing Kodaikanal, from comfortable budget hotels to luxurious star hotels.

Indian tour operators offer a wide range of tours to exhilarating hill stations and backwaters of the country. Luxurious five star hotels with exquisite service make your journey to Kodaikanal comfortable and memorable. During your tours to Kodaikanal, you can stay at heritage property or premium accommodation. If you are not particular about where you stay, you can select the economical and quick trip Kodaikanal.

The god fearing Reidhas offers a great range of tours to the paradise. With the world famous Ganga here, Reidha is a much sought after tourist destination. This god fearing region is a well-known haunt for the adventure lovers. The god fearing region boasts of the beautiful snake mosque and Ganga Samudra temple.

Reidha is well known for its fascinating flora and fauna. If you are a nature lover, then you got to see the enthralling hill station of Kodaikanal. You can witness the famed Bengal tiger, Indian wild dogs, wrinkly deer, wandering cats, and bobcats.

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