“Not all Europe is the same”… Why do different countries have different travel patterns?

Travel routes that have been blocked due to the corona virus are opening and tourists are flocking to European cities. According to data released by travel platform Tripbitoz on the 13th, France was selected as the number one European country most visited by travelers. It was followed by Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. You can see that countries that were visited by many Korean tourists before Corona are still gaining popularity after the pandemic.

However, even if they visit the same Europe, travel patterns vary from country to country. France and the UK were found to have visited the capitals Paris and London mainly. According to data compiled from January to May, 73.7% of travelers to France chose Paris. Other than that, it was found that Nice, a city in southern France, is the most visited. 68.9% of British tourists also chose London, the capital. In both countries, when 7 out of 10 people visit, they only focus on traveling to the capital.

In Spain and Italy, on the other hand, travelers are spread across several cities. The tourists who choose Spain are evenly distributed throughout the region, including Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Madrid, and Seville. Barcelona, ​​one of the most visited cities in Spain, also accounted for less than half of the visit reservation rate at 36%.

In particular, the popularity of Mallorca, which was not widely known before Corona 19, drew attention. The largest island in Spain, it is twice the size of Jeju Island. It is known as the place where the musician Chopin recuperated before his death due to ill health. Although it was a popular Mediterranean resort for Europeans, it was also an island unfamiliar to Korean tourists. However, in 2021, soccer player Kang-in Lee transferred to the RCD Mallorca club based in Mallorca, and his recognition increased, and recently it is emerging as a honeymoon destination.

Italy, as well as Rome, the capital city, Florence, Venice, Milan, etc. travelers evenly visited all over. Rome and Florence have similar travel rates at 25% and 22%, respectively. Excluding Rome, the capital, northern Italian cities such as Florence and Venice are more popular than southern cities.