Top 10 preferred European destinations for Japanese travelers

Europe travel destination that you must visit before you die

Europe, which has many things to see and many things – but depending on the length of the trip, too many European attractions may be a problem. Everyone wants to travel, but if you can’t, let’s go to this place. It introduces 10 European destinations preferred by travelers based on the Skyscanner search.
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Eiffel Tower in Paris
  1. Paris
    Paris, which was selected as the No. 1 destination most searched by Japanese travelers, is an indispensable place for European travel. Two of the many reasons are definitely Paris attractions and food. Paris, the city of romance, has a wide variety of attractions such as Eiffel Tower, Montmartre Hill, and Louvre Museum. Also, as a country of gourmet food, it is full of delicious food and desserts, so don’t think it’s strange that you gain weight even if you walk a lot. Let’s explore Paris by becoming the main character of the movie Midnight in Paris.

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The night view of London
  1. London
    London, the capital of the United Kingdom, has been voted the second-largest destination in Europe. Like London, where the world’s first subway was built, public transportation is well developed, so you can see London landmarks such as Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Westminster, and London Eye without difficulty in traveling. But beware: London’s murderous waters – let’s go on a smart journey with planned consumption.

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  1. Barcelona
    Barcelona, Spain’s beautiful coastal city, was considered the third destination to leave. Enjoying leisure on the beach adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea is also a way to enjoy Barcelona, but it is also recommended to travel along the structures left by Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. This is because Gaudi’s architecture, which has impressive curves and strong colors, is full of Barcelona. If you look at the unique and overwhelming buildings such as the Guel Palace, Casa Vissens, La Pedrera, and Sagrada Familia, you will have no time to put down your camera. In addition, Camp Nul, the home stadium of FC Barcelona, is indispensable. Even if you can’t watch the game, it’s fun to just watch the stadium.

the Romans

  1. Rome
    Let’s take a trip to Rome, where the entire city is full of historical sites, which can be called a museum. It is not enough to schedule a three-day tour of the Venetian Palace, the Poromano, the Colosseum, and the Vatican Museum. Since it is a city that retains the traces of the Roman Empire, it has become the background of many movies, from classic movies such as “Roman Holiday” to “Angels and Demons,” and it is also an interesting way to enjoy the trip after looking for one or two movies before going on a 오피 trip. Tiramisu and gelato are also indispensable snacks in Rome, so you can enjoy a good time in sweet Rome.
  2. Prague
    Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the fifth most visited destination by Japanese. Let’s enjoy the exciting time in Prague, a city full of love. A cup of coffee between the medieval architecture and the red roofs will excite you. Let’s also look around Prague Castle, Orroy, Carl Bridge, and Old Town Square. You will be able to feel the charm of beautiful Eastern Europe. Oh, do you know that the country that consumes the most beer per person is the Czech Republic? Czech people, who love beer enough to consume 157 liters per year, consider it a “liquid bread.” Because of that, there are many different and delicious beers, so let’s enjoy them as much as you want. That’s cheap, too!
  3. Madrid
    The sixth destination preferred by the Japanese is Madrid, the capital of Spain. Let’s enjoy this passionate city where Don Quixote seems to be running on horseback somewhere. The point of a trip to Madrid is to find some time to relax rather than hurry. Let’s enjoy siesta (a culture of taking a nap in the middle of the day from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.) like locals. Many small shops are also closed at this time. After that, why don’t you look around Madrid’s royal palace, San Miguel market, Granbia street, moisten your throat with tapas and sangria, and stop by Hemingway’s regular restaurant to eat pork barbecue?
  4. Frankfurt
    Germany is a good country to travel even if it is light in pocket. This is because prices are relatively cheaper than other European countries, so it is good to buy groceries and cook for yourself. Among many parts of Germany, Frankfurt was ranked as the seventh most preferred destination. Frankfurt, which is rich in attractions such as Goethe’s birthplace, Lömer Square, Frankfurt Cathedral, and the German architectural museum, is very interesting because medieval and modern buildings are in harmony. Also, the Frankfurt Motor Show, one of the world’s top five motor shows, is the city where the world’s largest book exhibition is held, so if you like cars and books, don’t miss it.
  5. Milan
    In Italy, along with Rome, Milan was selected as the preferred destination for Japanese. Fashion and shopping are the first things that come to mind when you think of this place, but let’s not think of it as Milan’s everything. Of course, you can’t miss shopping at the Serabale Outlet, but it’s full of spectacular things to see. Among them, Da Vinci’s Last Supper in Santa Maria delle Grazier’s Cathedral, the Torino-sentenced bull in the Arcade of the Vitorio Emmanuel II Memorial, and the magnificent Duomo Cathedral are recommended.
  6. Venice
    It became clear with this ranking that Japanese tourists prefer Italy. Relaxation is essential in Venice, the ninth-ranked city of water. Enjoying the maze of alleys is the best way to look around Venice. Don’t stress yourself with the idea of finding a way in Venice! Of course, you can enjoy the gondola by taking a water bus. With the splendor of the Renaissance, this place has many attractions such as San Marco Square and Rialto Bridge. It is also recommended to leave for small Venetian islands such as Murano Island, Burano Island, and Lido Island.
  7. Amsterdam
    Amsterdam in the Netherlands ranked 10th as a preferred European destination. Unlike any other Europe, which is full of old medieval buildings, Amsterdam, which is rapidly modernizing, gives a neat impression. Let’s rent a bike and look around the city of Amsterdam. You can find real Amsterdam in every corner. Also, there are so many art museums that it is a must-visit destination for art-loving travelers. You can also take a train to Zanescans, 20 minutes away, or sit in an open-air cafe along the canal to relax. Let’s not forget French fries dipped in mayonnaise and the Heineken Beer Museum.

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